Why you should work with us?


We will communicate with you Via your Preferred Method:

prefferred method

Whichever method is convenient with you. Text, email, or phone.

We Will Handle the Stress for You:


We know you have better things to do with your time. We are experts at handling stress. We know you have better things to do with your time. We have worked with hundreds of buyers just like you. We have answers to the questions you have been waiting to ask…Ask Us!

We Have Been there Before:


We are very familiar with Calgary and surrounding areas, and are eager to help you find a property that is in your price range in the your preferred location. A property meets your needs and that of your family. We have systems in place to ensure you don’t miss out or pay too much.

We Will Keep You Informed:

keep you informed

We will provide you with all the data, statistics of your top 3 choices so you have all the facts before making a decision to buy. When ready, we will draft an offer to purchase that takes into account any contingencies you require.

We Negotiate The Best Deal for You!


There’s more to buying a house than just price. We negotiate the best terms/contingencies of the offer for you, the best price and important factors that protect you and your money.

We Are Fun!


We love what we do.