It pays to know costs that will occur in addition to the purchase price when buying a property.  Buying your next home is a big deal. It’s the biggest purchase most consumers will ever make – a home. Make sure you’re financially ready.

November is Financial Literacy Month. We are  committed to helping Albertans think beyond the purchase price to make sure they’re prepared for and understand the financial realities of home ownership.

When browsing for homes online, people often see the listing price and think that’s the only cost. But there are  more additional costs.  Albertans need to be aware and prepared for them before seriously shopping for a new home. Are you financially ready? Do you understanding how mortages work? Have you considered how much you will need for closing costs?

Learn the financial ins-and-outs of your home purchase, from figuring out if your ready to buy, to obtaining a mortgage, planning for closing costs, and the ongoing financial responsibilities of home ownership. It’s important for consumers to have access to independent, reliable information to make a sound financial decision.


We have many tools and resources, guides and checklists that will ensure consumers are able to be get educated about the process.  


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With everything going on in our economy, and the world today, consumer confidence continues to be what is fuelling our markets. There is no such thing as the perfect market to make a move in, timing is when it makes sense for an individual or family and their situation.  Consumers base their decision on whether the time is right t0 purchase a home in relevance to personal circumstances. Knowing the costs involved beyond the purchase price is important.  It is also important to have good representation. A professional real estate agent that is not emotionally involved. A Real Estate agent that is able to evaluate every micro market within our macro market across the Calgary Real Estate Board to determine if the timing is right for the consumers personal circumstances.

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