How to prepare your home to sell on a limited budget can be stressful and will require a hands-on approach.  

How to prepare your home to sell on a limited budget can be stressful and will require a hands-on approach.  If your budget is under $5000 the most efficient uses of your renovations dollars will depend on your home and your goals.

If everything else has been upgraded you might want to address some odds and ends problems,  like squeaky floorboards, door that don’t shut, light fixtures that need changing.

If there hasn’t been any upgrades since you have purchased then making the property shine on a limited budget will require a hands-on approach.

If there are two competiting homes in similar communities with similar features.  The home with the least amount of work will get the offer, even if it is priced a little higher.


Your first choice to enhance your home, should be a  fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint adds a nice smell and removes “marks” all over the walls. Paint the entire wall, not just parts of the wall.


LED lightbulbs are brighter, we suggest cool bulbs with 4000 brightness. These can be ordered at any lighting store and will take up to 3 weeks to deliver. The price range is $10.00 – $12.00 per bulb.

Listing agents will request that you have ALL the lights on for showings. The first 3 weeks of your home being on the market, are the most active for showings. The lights will be on for longer hours than you would normally have them on. Your lighting cost will be less if you install LED bults.

Preparing your home on a limited budget means taking the time to do a thorough clean of all the nooks and corners will pay off. Ensuring the bathrooms shine. Sorting inside drawers, under the sink, inside cupboards and remove the unncessary items. Ensuring the front entry is welcoming, closet free from clutter is  important to anyone shopping for their next home. Limit the amount of odor enhancing scents. They will just send a red flag that the homeowner is trying to hide something. You may want to remember that there are many consumers that are scent sensitive.


De-cluttering will show the buyers you are serious about moving. Just start packing! Consumers expect to see boxes and signs that you are moving. Its a sign to them that you are serious about moving on to your next life journey and not just testing the market.


Ensure the windows are clean inside and out. No cost to that if you do it yourself. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is if the windows are dirty.

Remember potential buyers do not want to buy a home that requires a lot work, “turn key is the most attractive.

Renovations ideas under $5000

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