Here’s what you Get When you List with Us



Your Very Own Marketing Ninja

Our marketing plan utilizes the best offline and online methods to reach buyers. This includes the latest in marketing technology, home staging, high quality brochures, signage and knowing what financing options are available. We don’t target all buyers, just the kind of buyers who will pay the most for your house. We know who’s going to buy your house, and we know where to find them and make sure they find you.

Professional Home Staging & Photography

One of our pet peeves is bad real estate photography. The majority of home-buyers are searching online, which means if you don’t look good online, they might not want to see you offline.
Once your home is “camera ready”, we bring in our amazing photographer to ensure your house puts its best foot forward.


Negotiating Professional

We have worked with hundreds of buyers. We understand how they think when they make an offer. We know how to negotiate to get you the most money and the best contract terms.


Weekly Updates

Once we list your property, We monitor your web traffic, in person visits to the property and feedback from agents.

We always want your property to shine above the rest.

Strategic Pricing

The price we list your property at is your decision. We will provide the market analysis trends, statistics and facts that will help you make the right decision. If you want our advice, we are always happy to give it.